What is the “Make It Happen for The Port of The Future” session about?

Digital transformation is leading fundamental changes in society today. Globalization is impacting this movement and the effects of recent disruptions such as the coronavirus pandemic and the Suez Canal highlight the importance of visibility and agility in the short term. Additionally, this phenomenon creates the need to look into innovation and digitalization for long-term sustainability.

For the port and maritime industry, achieving sustainability requires the use of smart solutions that enable visibility and agility to manage disruptions, efficient use of infrastructure, cost savings among carriers, and to master complexity in your operations. In addition to these key competencies and capabilities, port companies must also explore innovations from other industries that can be borrowed in order to accelerate their own transformation.

In this session of the DELMIA Operations Series, we cover industry challenges and examine what the future of ports will look like, bringing in Dassault Systèmes’ experience in sustainable transformations from across 12 industries. Discover how Dassault Systèmes’ Virtual Twin Experience and DELMIA planning and optimization solutions provide the necessary capabilities to empower companies to take the lead in this competitive space:

Integrated planning and optimization as the means of creating win-win situations Virtual twins for sequence of movements, space management, 3D model simulation, and more to improve the real world of planning and operations

Stakeholder collaboration to elevate engagement and time to value The session will last 60 minutes and includes a live presentation and panel discussion. Take this opportunity to connect with our industry experts and speakers to get your questions answered.
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