Adopt a Single Source Of Truth (SSOT) strategy within a couple of months!

If anyone was telling you this line, you would think it is impossible. We can imagine where this comes from, since traditionally when you have consultants brainstorming with you about adopting a SSOT strategy it involved quite some time with preparing and aligning data and processes within your ecosystem.

Topics that usually drops on the table are:
– Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
– Master / Slave Data Management
– Data Migration
– Data cleaning 

which causes a company to enter a phase of discussions, departments alignment , which ends up with the result that you might have missed your imortant business window as well.

One Master Data Management system?

In the most “ideal” situation you would like to see all your data migrated back into 1 Master Data Management solution, but in practice this is just a path that cost a lot of money, time and risks of corrupting your data as well. traditionally companies already have multiple informations systems which are purchased “of the shell”, which can not be altered in any way, causing data being duplicated and enriched with data for their own needs. Meaning that migrating all those modified data back to one system will be easier said than done.

We are not saying that adopting one master data management system is not the way to go, but it should be considered an end goal with iterative intermediate steps with good planning, expectations and data alignment.

How to adopt SSOT within a few months

If data migrations is not directly the prefered way, how can we achieve the adoption of SSOT within a few months? Well, this is rather simple. We at IGA recommend you to start governing your data on process level first on top of all your distributed data from one master data system without actual migrating your data.

We have developed user configurable widgets on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform where users have direct access to all the data from distributed systems. From there you can setup your governance model and govern it from 3DEXPERIENCE while day to day users keep working within the distributed systems themselves.  The 3DEXPERIENCE is an extensive powerfull platform where you can govern all your data (ERP, product, engineering, project, supply chain, manufacturing, simulation, etc) , from all over the world. While having an extensive data-model with which it can support all your needs, it does not mean you have to migrate all your data immidiately into it and increase the complexity and throughput time of your original goal.

Real time access to data from other systems and govern it from 3DEXPERIENCE

Clean and lean interface

Below an example how an engineering manager can connect his engineering data with “architectural” logical domains  and govern his process further within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, while project members continues their work within their own trusted environment.

What is "within a few months"?

We can tell you that we can replicate this success to any companies of any size with the following expectation.

Proof of Concept (POC)
We can deliver you a working POC well within 2 weeks timeframe.

Go-Live (Production deployment)
After an accepted POC, this solution can be deployed safely into production mode well within 2 months!


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