The largest Russian manufacturer of mainline and industrial electric locomotives NEVZ is replacing paper assembly instructions with POWERGUIDE Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals. The project became part of the NEVZ Digital Plant, a global production digitalization program, and was implemented in partnership with the Russian company that developed electronic manuals IGA Technologies.

POWERGUIDE Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals are digital work instructions for assembly, maintenance or repair documentation with a flexible interactive interface. The program works as a single electronic library, where 3D models have a deep connection with design and technological documentation. The user can refer to instructions in a more efficient manner – quickly get a complete picture of the process at the right time from any device, and the digital format provides accurate and fast data updates.

Technological process of assembling the NVA-55 6TC.139.005 electric motor in the IETR POWERGUIDE interface

Simple presentation of complex process data

Interactive instructions were developed for three technological assembly processes – a wheelset, a traction motor and a pantograph of the Ivolga EG2Tv electric train. Technological processes are nodal and complex. For example, the process of assembling a pantograph consists of 19 operations, some of them contain up to 70 transitions, and when performing the most complex operation, 150 units of parts are involved. With such a complexity, the workers of the shop periodically need to quickly get access to information on the technical process. At this point, not only the quality and speed of the product assembly depends on the availability of reference materials, but also its further successful operation.

Traditionally, the shop staff used paper copies of technical processes and instructions. The main disadvantage of paper manuals is that they are difficult to update and maintain. The instructions are kept in the form of a paper archive, and it takes a long time to find and compare information.

The enterprise needed a tool for operational information support, which would become a single source of up-to-date data for the employees of the workshop, CDP, workshop technologists and personnel training service. At the same time, the IETM for NEVZ must meet modern requirements.

The criteria for choosing a system for creating NEVZ interactive manuals were: 

  • Compatible with most popular CAD systems;
  • Support for Russian requirements for electronic technical documentation;
  • Convenient editor for developing and updating manuals to minimize the complexity of operations;
  • Ability to work in a browser on any device – a personal computer, information kiosk, tablet or smartphone;

The chosen solution was the POWERGUIDE interactive manuals from the Russian developer of electronic manuals IGA Technologies. POWERGUIDE technology is based on the idea of a digital twin. The editor creates a digital prototype of a real physical process based on 3D models of a product, tool, equipment and tooling. At the same time, geometry has a deep interactive connection with reference information – technological, design and normative.

The interface consists of customizable blocks of information: on the left – navigation and a textual description of the technological process with hyperlinks, on the right – a block with three-dimensional animation.



Studying the technological process in text format, you can immediately view it in the form of short animated videos. In this case, you can change the angle, video speed and play individual transitions. The 3D model has an interactive link to documents. When you select a part during viewing, all the necessary design and technological documentation is instantly loaded. Thus, the user gets the most complete understanding of the production technology. 

The program supports the import of models from any CAD system, which completely solves the issue of compatibility with enterprise systems.

IETR POWERGUIDE has a convenient editor that allows you to work with animation, product composition, assembly structure, materials and annotations.

Working with animation in the IETR POWERUIDE editor

At the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant, interactive manuals will be used as visual reference materials to improve assembly accuracy when performing complex technological operations. Employees will be able to contact the IETM through information kiosks installed in the assembly shops of the enterprise.  

Maximum engaging learning

Another area where IETM will be applied is training. Interactive instructions will more closely link the training of an employee to a specific workflow, workshop and work area. Due to clarity, the user can thoroughly study the required technical process without the need to take the product out of service and stay in the shop.

With the help of animated instructions, you can quickly train employees and, if necessary, redistribute work teams to the desired area of work. This gives a great deal of flexibility in managing the workforce of an enterprise.

The project was implemented in August 2019. 10 technologists from NEVZ were trained to work with software.

Based on the experience of using interactive instructions in the engineering and aviation industries, IETM improves the quality of assembly operations, reduces the time for coordinating new technical processes and is a source of information support in training and performing complex technological operations at the enterprise.

Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant

Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant is the largest Russian manufacturer of mainline and industrial electric locomotives. The enterprise has significant technical and scientific potential, qualified personnel, long-term experience of fruitful cooperation between science and industry, and also has a unique opportunity to create rolling stock from development to serial production of high-quality, science-intensive certified products. Since the start of production in 1936, the plant has created 65 types of rolling stock, produced more than 16,000 locomotives. Since 2003 NEVZ has been a member of the Transmashholding group of companies

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