What Are Your Benefits Regarding A Migration

The main goal of migration services is not only to migrate SolidWorks files, but make your organization able to use it fully right after. This means that your processes will be aligned towards the 3DEXPERIENCE way of working and all of its functionalities.

All required data in a single format

Keeping in mind all stated above, if you’re considering moving to a 3DEXPERIENCE Platform One of the main aspects of success is to migrate your SolidWorks data in a way, that in the end all assembly structures within 3DEXPERIENCE fall under the same set of rules and principles. This will enable your organization to progress with product development instantly!

assembly structures

It doesn’t matter if you take a product that was created 5 years ago or last month. All structures and metadata will be using the same principles, so you can start new revision creations according to new methodology right away and go on with the evolvement of your products.  

Migrated way of working 

3DEXPERIENCE PlatformThe way of working with your current system will be be a lot different in comparison with the new 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Therefore we will take complete care of making the new way of working extremely clear and convenient for you and your team.  

As the way of working is usually driven by the functionality of the tools that were used, we will make the new way of working in such a way that it will fully cover all the requirements of your company and make your processes significantly more efficient.

Trained users 

The new way of working requires a few key factors which include: data modifications or process change and also provide specific training to your team, so they will be able to utilize the new system to the maximum of its capabilities.  

We will make sure that your team will learn the specific software knowledge, so that you and your team members fully understand where and when certain functionalities and commands should be used. In addition to that they also need to understand why and what is happening in the system, so that they can make conscious decisions and take the right actions in certain situations.

Utilize 3DEXPERIENCE capabilities right away 

Having the data properly migrated into the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform along with way of working allows you to work your processes a lot more efficient! Your organization can do the same things as with the previous system, but in more efficient way. Also it enables you to start using all the tremendous functionalities of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to make your organisation even more efficient!  

For example, if you want to modify your product architecture for a new revision right in the browser? The Product Architect role will help you with that! Or maybe you want to assemble a product using different mechanical and electrical CAD? Unified Product Structure in combination with Product Architect role and other features from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, together with all the integrations makes it all possible.

So if your organisation is leaning towards a migration, but you need help to make a smooth transition and someone who can also train and teach you the specific knowledge to actually use the new system to its full potential?   



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